East Anaheim Street

East Anaheim Street Business Alliance (EASBA) is multi-faceted economic, business, and community development organization facilitating the exchange of business information and encourage cooperation between all businesses along the East Anaheim Street corridor of Long Beach.

Representing an area from Junipero Avenue to the west, Pacific Coast Highway to the east, 11th Street to the south and 14th Street to the north, EASBA encourages an economic climate in which businesses function and flourish by showcasing their unique product offerings, promotes the highest business standards, markets and conducts public relations, and develops and sponsors such activities as will advance these objectives.

As an official Business Improvement District (BID) formed in 2010, EASBA provides a wide range of services to the East Anaheim Street business corridor, including: sidewalk cleaning, increased security, advertising and marketing, promotion of special events, improved sanitation, improved street lighting, light pole banners and gateway signs, activities benefiting district businesses.

The East Anaheim Street Business Alliance is striving to make East Anaheim Street a wonderful place to work, live and play by creating a vibrant multicultural neighborhood where businesses can prosper and the residential community can flourish.

Rod Wilson, President EASBA
5055 E. Anaheim Street
Long Beach, CA 90803
562-494-3800 – Phone
562-494-3900 – Fax

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